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The Ultimate Geek Test: 50 Things Every Nerd Should Know

Are you a fan of Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons? If so, there is a very good chance you are a geek. Now in the information age, though, being a geek is considered pretty cool. From being able to build a basic website from scratch in Notepad to knowing how to jailbreak an iPhone, […]




Memorial day is more than a three-day-weekend, more than a weekend where the pools open, more than a weekend that marks the beginning of the end of school. It’s a weekend where you remember those who gave their lives so you can enjoy the luxury of a three day weekend, or a pool opening, or having a nice summer day. Years ago, someone walked through mud, rain, blood, and pain, so you could walk and live comfortably and feel safe walking in your own neighborhood. Don’t feel bad! Feel proud that you live in a great nation where people will give their lives and serve your nation, because they love life in America, and they love us all too. Happy Memorial Day to all of my American followers - and non-American too :) The land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave <3 

In War EVERY DAY IS Memorial Day.

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